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Beard Apron

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It’s time to sharpen up! Grab that handy razor of yours and turn it on to start buzzing away. But if you’re still leaving shavings on your sink, you’re doing it all wrong!

Not only will you have to clean up those scattered little hairs, but you can also expect your spouse to force you to (and ensure you don’t miss a single one either).

But you now have a solution…

A shaving apron!

This apron, made of soft waterproof material, comfortably ties around your neck. And with its two suction cup hooks on the opposite end, firmly sticks to your mirror. Now, every time you go to shave, this apron gently dangles under you like a hammock, and catches every bit of hair that falls down.

Leaving you AND your sink tidy and clean!


Catches all head/facial hair from falling onto your sink when shaving

Made of soft, waterproof pongee material for comfortable wearing

Contains two suction cup hooks to firmly stick onto your mirror

Easy to clean after each use

Size: 116cm X 73cm (46in X 29in)

Save yourself the time and cleanup (and angry wife/girlfriend) with this apron today. Or gift it to a friend who can use a shave by clicking the “Buy Now” button now!

people are currently looking at this product

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