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Dog Seat Belt | Gartix.com
Dog Seat Belt | Gartix.com
Dog Seat Belt | Gartix.com

Dog Seat Belt

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Keep Your Eyes on The Road While Your Friend Discovers The World At Your Car Window

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This  Dog Safety Belt is designed to secure your dog for safe travel in an automobile. While the tether prevents your dog from freely roaming throughout the car, it is fully adjustable to allow your dog to stand, sit or lay comfortably without restriction.

The tether is not only to protect your pet while driving, it is also designed to eliminate driver distraction and keep your pet in one place at all times. Studies show that every 18 minutes a loose pet in a vehicle causes an accident. This is the tool to prevent that.

We have found tethers that are ONE SIZE FITS ALL DOGS. Safety is key and we found the smaller sizes were not as strong. This size works for all dogs. We particularly like the black one because it's reflective. The tether can be easily attached to your vehicle's existing hardware so no further installation is necessary.

Since the tether is designed to fit a number of different dog breeds, flexibility is a must to allow for a comfortable fit no matter what your dog’s size is. The tether is fully adjustable from 15" all the way up to 26" for all dogs giving them plenty or room to stretch or sit. Don’t leave your dog unrestrained any longer... get the  Car Safety Belt today!

Here Are The Doggie Details

  • Reduces driver distraction by preventing your pet from roaming.
  • Prevents your dog from jumping out of the vehicle.
  • Reflective so your dog is visible in the car at night
  • The seat belt tether also works as a leash to ensure your dog is never out of your control when taking them in and out of the car.
  • Tether allows your dog to sit, lie or stand comfortably.
  • Adjustable from 12" to 26".
  • Compatible with your existing seat belt hardware and secures into most seat belt buckles 


Do not attach the tether to your dog’s collar as this can cause serious injury or even death in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Attach to a harness only for maximum protection.

Securing your dog in the car with a seat belt/tether can actually prevent accidents! Most dog/car accidents are caused by a dog that distracted the driver. Many dogs are like jumping beans in the car. They jump from seat to seat or they pace back and forth.

people are currently looking at this product

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